The very reason companies are eager to embrace the digital Transformation is to resolve existing pain areas majorly on

…the EDGE is where the real action is…..

  1. Reduce Operational cost
  2. Bring Reliability in operations
  3. Consistency in Product Quality
  4. Stay agile to the changing environment
  5. Carbon Neutral

Approx 75 % of the customer say “Everything is same yet it’s different “is the claim of plant operations team on the behaviour of plant process compared to other plant which has similar process, machinery & controls.

Currently the Plant process dynamics are so local & unique.  Replicating them on even similar plants are challenging.  Below are the practical reasons for going edge at least for now before going to cloud.

  1. Create a Digital Twin is an Edge thing for industrial Process/ Equipment: Creating accurate cyber physical or Digital Twin for a process or equipment is complex. Digital Twin can be built for multiple purpose, for Design & for Process. The process twins need live OT & IT data from various sources to be synced for creating the live Digital Twin of your systems.  Which demands strong & faster Data wrangling, Multiple Deep learning prediction models that demand GPU for faster computation for showing the live behaviour of the Digital Twin.
  2. High Computation requirement & Cost: Keep the computation where the decision is for much reliable & cost-effective operation cloud cost. The GPU based multicore AI supportive edge devices comes at $1000 with 3-year warranty that supports 100-120 high frequency tags & Deep learning models.
  3. Latency: Operational/Process/Equipment digital twin OT data frequency ranges from 10 sec to 1 min frequency of data. An edge supports reliable high-fidelity support for maintaining high latency support. Microscopic view on the process at the plant level calls for edge & Birds eye from the corporate office call for Cloud would be hybrid solutions to balance the cloud cost vs Edge performance & latency. Tower Sight platform is designed for various industries like Water, Chemical & food processing for monitoring plant level KPI & Controls & corporate level sight of multiple plants. Which benefits in operation & maintenance excellence. And complete bird view of all your operations & performance KPIs.

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The edge is where the digital Action is …a practical approach to digital transformation

The very reason companies are eager to embrace the digital Transformation is...
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