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Pharma and Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical industry is the most regulated among the manufacturing industries. The information about machines, people, and materials used in the manufacturing process needs to be recorded and maintained to meet the compliance requirements. Pharma manufacturers have to tackle several challenges including –

  • Higher Time to Market for new products & variants
  • Zero Risk Approach towards compliance leadingĀ  to multiple & redundant quality checks
  • Longer batch lead times due to IPQA, Line Clearance approvals etc.

Leverage our Life Sciences Smart Factory Platform to accelerate time to market, achieve operational excellence and get 100% visibility of your Pharma Manufacturing process.

Digital Twin for Pharma and Life Sciences

Our Digital Twin solution for Pharma and Life Sciences helps you leverage manufacturing and operations data to deliver faster Time to Market by equipping the R&D teams with insights to perfect the recipe faster; reduce QA efforts by predicting IPQA, automate & maintain digital records for audit compliance.

Use Case 1

Accelerate TTM through insights driven R&D process.

Use Case 2

Minimize quality efforts by predicting CPP & CQP to reduce / eliminate IPQA.

Use Case 3

Proactive approach to audit compliance by enabling real-time data collection.

Solution Highlights
  • E2E view of Pharma Plant, with Real-Time Monitoring of operations
  • Reactive to Predictive regulatory Compliance
  • Predictive asset monitoring and diagnostics
Key Benefits
  • Faster product launch by leveraging Digital Twin based simulations to avoid Trial & Error based manufacturing iterations
  • Use Predictive analytics to eliminate redundancy and improve productivity
  • Reduce batch waste through automated line clearances & predictive IPQA
Days to Live

Our TowerSight Platform empowers you to Go-Live in less than 100 days


Our Digital Twin Model offers a starting accuracy at 85%

CQP Predictions

CQP Predictions for Pharma Manufacturing

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