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Water and Utilities

The world is challenged with depleting natural water sources, increased water consumption, stricter quality requirements for water and wastewater, climate and demographic changes.

Industrial water treatment plants (WTP) to de-salination plants face several challenges including such as

  • Reduced RO Membrane Life
  • Energy Intensive RO process
  • Minimal Operational Visibility due to lack of predictive controls.

Take control of Water Treatment Plants using our Digital Twin solutions with real-time monitoring, insights to ease your decisions. Plug and Play into our platform solution that readily integrates with your existing any DCS / PLCs / SCADA / Data Lake.

Digital Twin for Water Treatment

Our Digital Twin solution for Water Treatment Plants offers robust Operational Analytics, Water Intelligence, AI predictive control based digital solutions for RO plants to offer Operation Excellence, Minimize Costs and improve Asset Productivity and RoI.

Use Case 1

Industrial water treatment plants across - Power, Refiners, Food & Beverage, Commercial & Public Sector Agencies.

Use Case 2

Sea Water Desalination.

Use Case 3

Wastewater Recycling.

Solution Highlights
  • KPI/PPI based complete RO remote monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance – Auto RCA for Declining health & Forecast RUL, Fouling Period etc.
  • Supervisory closed loop autonomous operation for Optimization of High Pressure pump
Key Benefits
  • Up to 10 – 35% improvement in operational efficiency
  • Up to 7 – 25% reduction in operational costs
  • Up to 40 – 50% reduction in membrane replacements costs
Cost Savings

Our iWTP Digital Twin delivers 25% cost savings


Our iWTP Digital Twin offers upwards of 90% accuracy

RO Filter Fouling Forecast

Soft Sensor based RO Fouling Forecast

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