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Delivering CAPEX Benefits @ OPEX Costs

Predictable Performance

Digital Twins will help you achieve significant improvements in productivity & performance.

  • Our solutions help you improve productivity
  • Take control of operations proactively
  • Track and manage performances at Corporate and at the plant level
  • Save raw material, maintenance costs and improve operating margins
Eco Friendly & GHG Reduction

Our solutions will not only help you save costs but also help you turn into eco-friendly

  • Our algorithms help you save energy (SEC)
  • Reduce wastage and save precious resources
  • Optimize your water usage in both operations and in your recycling plants
  • Reduce carbon footprint and score higher on sustainability
Autonomous Operations

With matured digital adoption, we can help you move to ‘Autonomous Operations’ regime.

  • Migrate from open to closed loop process
  • Accelerate savings and ROI
  • Realize CAPEX benefits at OPEX cost
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About DigiTwin

Our Value Proposition

“….we are passionate about leveraging data to solve operational challenges, improve productivity, save costs & drive carbon neutral solutions”. Our differentiators include

  • Domain Expertise
  • Physics Modelling
  • Data Engineering & Edge / Cloud Computing
  • Data Science Expertise
  • Experienced Team
  • Business Outcome Led Commercials

Our solutions create a sustainable world for the humankind…

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About DigiTwin

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