Industrial IoT and AI Platform for your Digital Manufacturing & Operations

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Device Agnostic

Compatible with various IOT gateways & Industrial OEM routers including GSM / GPRS (2G) based Smart controller, WiFi Based Smart IoT Controller, RS485 / RS232

Data Integration

Tower Sight simplifies data integration by tapping into OT data from machines using inbuilt gateways even for streaming data with complex data frequencies

Digital Twin Capabilities

Leverage our advanced platform offerings - Data + Physics Model, SoftSensor, Closed Loop Control. Stay ahead of the game by predicting & responding

Digitize your operations by leveraging our ‘Tower Sight IoT Platform’ to accelerate time to market, achieve operational excellence

Plug & Play’ our Digital Twin platform powered by IoT / AI to boost operator productivity, reduce material and process wastage, improve Return on Assets, save energy and become eco-friendly.

Take control of your operations by Smart Sensorization, Health & KPI Monitoring with an insightful Operation Excellence Dashboard.

Key Platform Highlights

360 Operational View
  • Asset Availability & Availability
  • Pre-emptive capabilities such as Alerts & Notifications
  • Auto-Creation of maintenance requests
  • Save Energy & Reduce wastage
Advanced Analytical Capabilities
  • Auto-RCA & Predict CQP
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Closed Loop Optimization, Remote Monitoring & Control
Digital Twin Enabled Platform
  • Data + Physics Model: 1st Principle, Mass Balance, High Fidelity CFD models
  • SoftSensor for accurate prediction of intermediate / final process and quality parameters
  • Advanced adaptive process control algorithms for closed loop optimization to achieve autonomous operations
Open Platform
  • One platform to manage all your assets across different OEMs
  • Built on Industry leading Open Applications
  • API based integrations makes data connectivity easy
Quick & Easy
  • Accelerate ‘Time to Market’ with our ‘Plug & Play option
  • Connect – Stream – Go Live in < 1 Week
  • Low / No Maintenance with our remote support option
Choose Flexibility over Dependency
  • Avoid vendor / OEM lock-in
  • Available for deployment on Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid Cloud
  • Flexible commercial models

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